Jan 8, 2011: Church Ceremony for Myrna Smith of Elvis’ Sweet Inspirations

On December 24th, 2010 Myrna Smith passed away, life long singer of the Sweet Inspirations. The Sweet Inspirations not only toured and recorded with Elvis in the seventies, they recorded with Van Morrison, Jimi Hendrix, Aretha Franklin and many others.
Dutch/Belgium Fanclub Elvismatters reports:
Because there’s no ceremony, no funeral, no viewing for Myrna Smith, ElvisMatters decided to ask Rev. Fred Omvlee to officiate a Homecoming Service. Rev. Omvlee, who has held many Elvis church services before, immediately agreed. On January 8th, Elvis’s 76th birthday, we will say ‘farewell’ to our friend, Sweet Myrna Smith at the Immanuel Church in Veldhoven (the Netherlands) at 7 pm. We invite ALL Elvis fans to attend this homecoming service, and we politely ask ALL fanclubs to support this ceremony in honor of our dear friend and Elvis’s friend Myrna Smith. We should ALL stand united and show the Elvis World that we have not forgotten the love that Myrna had for her late boss and friend, Elvis – and for all Elvis fans. If you have ever had the pleasure of meeting Myrna, you’ll understand why we needed to do this for her.
Address: IMMANUEL Church, 1 Teullandstraat, Veldhoven, The Netherlands – January 8th, 7 pm

Source: www.elvismatters.nl
Watch Myrna Smith telling about her relation with Elvis and spiritual matters


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