Press Release: Dutch reverend celebrates Elvis Presley’s 80th Birthday in Church

2015-01-08 Elvis Birthday Memorial flyer defThursday January 8th 2015 is the 80th birthday of the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll, Elvis Presley.  Although he really died at the age of 42 in 1977 his popularity is still alive.  Very special: his 80th birthday will be celebrated in a Dutch Church by reverend Fred Omvlee.

The Elvis Birthday Memorial will be held in the Lutheran Church, Purmerend, 15 kilometers north of Amsterdam. A special Choir, the Elvis Memorial Choir, will sing some of Elvis hits. Singer Sue Moreno will sing some of Elvis most beautiful gospels. And off course Elvis can be heard and seen. During a prayer people can light a candle for Elvis. Larry Geller, hairdresser and friend of Elvis, has sent a special video-message.

Reverend Fred Omvlee (1965), a Navy Chaplain,  was 11 years old when Elvis died and saw the news and heard the old records and became an instant fan. As a minister in the Protestant Church of The Netherlands he started using Elvis Gospels in services in 2002. Omvlee served as a chaplain in Afghanistan, Liberia and Curaçao.

According to Omvlee Elvis deserves a place in the church: ‘Elvis was raised in a positive religious atmosphere and loved the Gospel music he grew up with. He remained a believer and a spiritual seeker. He sang gospel music to set his mind at ease. He was searching for Gods purpose with his life. He suffered from depressions and was addicted to prescription drugs and got divorced: things that modern people can relate to. My message is: even when you end like Elvis, you do not fall out of Gods hands.’

Entrance is free. A donation is asked for helping underprivileged children in Curaçao.

Address: Hoogstraat 18, 1441 BC Purmerend, The Netherlands.
Memorial starts at 8 pm.
mail:,  phone ++31653441895


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